Help me get out of the cellar, please. Flex/RB help needed

14 team standard 2 flex format. Need RB/ Flex advice. My WR and RB options are…
WR - Dez, D. Thomas, Robbie Anderson, Jordy
RB - T. Coleman, Woodhead, Abdullah, Kenyan Drake, Ty Mont.
Also have Rudolph and ASJ as TE.
Tentative roster is Dez and Thomas at WR, with Anderson as Flex1.
Then I have Coleman and Woodhead at RB.
Who should I plug in at Flex2?
Who should I swap out on any other position, given my bench players listed?

Anyone like mckissik or clement out there on an off chance? If not I’m probably going Abdullah without much excitement.

As a matter of fact, Clement is still out there.

That’s a tough play. Not many experts would send out clement over Abdullah. But is it ppr? May be worth a shot if you hate Abdullah and it’s ppr, the other guys are just no to me

Standard, not ppr.

I’m rocking Abdullah because of his workload than probably.

Thanks babyface for the input. Not your fault he shit his big boy pants, as did Dez. And, my fault I left the Chargers D on my bench for Houston.
Who do you like better, Woodhead or K Drake?

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I like woodhead this week I think he’s a top play. Damien Williams and drake seem to split every week with momentum on Williams side right now.
Sorry about Abdullah man I liked clement but you need ppr for his value otherwise he’s too touchdown dependant.