Help me get over the HUMP and win the Ship. Advice on draft day! Spend up on TE?

Help me get over the hump and actually win a championship.

Over the last 6 years in my main league i have finished


My waiver wire knowledge is good. I find the phillip lindseys of the world or am able to still make the championship game after losing DJ and OBJ in the same season.

My trading is good as well. I am able to flip the Hot RB early in the season for the underperforming WR and then 2 weeks later those players flip roles and i got the better end.

I think my drafting might be what could put me over the top. I am good at drafting but i am thinking about doing a different approach and see if it can put me over the top. I understand the game of fantasy takes very minimal injuries and honestly prob a tad bit of luck but I am hoping I can maybe make some of my own luck by drafting a tad bit smarter.

So ive noticed over the last 4 seasons at least 1 if not both teams have had one of the top 3 TE in the league on their roster. Either GRONK, ERTZ, GRAHAM. Now yes of course the Team had a RB1 and WR1 as well but i can’t help but thinking since its a 10 man league everyone’s team is usually good/great so to have an advantage at the TE position might be the key.

Here are my settings

10 teams ½ pt PPR

4pt passing TD

(all other scoring is standard)

1 QB,2RB,3WR,TE, Flex(w/r/t),K,DST

6 Bench

Auction Draft -$200 budget

Now this is a keeper league so that throws a tiny bit of strategy into the draft that wouldn’t be there for a redraft league but overall your still trying to put the best team together.

The draft is also an auction which i love as I have access to anyone and everyone in the draft.

Now I make my own spreadsheet of rankings and auction prices. This is based 95% off the ballers UDK rankings and prices but i move a couple players up or down a few spots dependant on my bias. Now i also put ESPN’s prices in the sheet just so I know what the rest of my league mates are willing to spend as 7 of the other 9 members i know just use ESPN prices and rankings. Now ESPN’s prices are way cheaper than the ballers prices. So i may be able to get a discount at the draft but i will use ballers prices for my example.

So I have kept Dalvin cook-$26 and Kerryon Johnson-$18 my budget is $156 for the rest of my spots would you Target Kelce and spend $30-$40 on him and fill out the rest of your roster. I have just never spent big on a TE as i feel the drop off past the top 3 is so HUGE i would rather just save the $29 and get a $2 TE that is good enough to beat 7 of the 10 other members but now i am thinking its something i might want to invest in.

Or what advice would you give me to maybe put me over the hump… I could give you more info about the league or anything else if that would help you answer but don’t want to clog this post down with too much ATM.

I would budget about 90% of your pot to your starters. I know it sounds like a lot but these will be your week-to-week guys you’re playing. Plus you said you’re good at the waiver wire, so there will always be guys there that you can claim that will be starter/bench caliber throughout the season.

I don’t know how your league mates usually act, but in my experience, people are eager and ready to spend some money. So they nominate the big name guys and blow a lot of their budget to get them. You can either wait and let them waste their money and then you’re left with the biggest budget for all the mid round guys, or you can spend 75-80% value to get a few of the big named guys. Remember most champions have at least 2, usually 3 big name players on their roster.

My usual approach is with my first pick I nominate a high named player that I don’t really like. So for me this season that would be someone like LeVeon Bell. You let the other owners start a feeding frenzy and hopefully spend a lot of their draft capital on a guy you don’t even want on your team. Just bid him up to about 50-60% value so nobody gets him at a huge deal. (Plus if you get Bell at 50% value it’s a good deal)

Then, as the big-name players are nominated, bid them up to different levels according to how much you like them. 60-70% if I’m like “eh, I’ll take em”, 70-80% if I like them, 80-90% if I really like them and 90-100% if I love them. Don’t be afraid to spend 60-70% of your total payroll on studs.

My goal is to get 2 studs at 50% of my payroll or 3 studs at 60-75% of my payroll. Then after that I’ll lay low for awhile and only get into a bid if it’s a good value.

Also watch your league mates and who they have on their roster. If several people already have a couple RBs then they will be less willing to pay for another one and you could get a top tier RB at a discounted price. However, don’t wait until the last top tier in a position is available. Other owners will see this and bid up the player. If there’s like 6 that have a top tier in your opinion, wait until like 3-4 and then bid up on one.

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-So Nominate elite players you don’t like early
-Don’t be afraid to bid in to a lot of all of the elite players (% rule of how much you like em)
-If you fill a starter position spot, nominate that position early and often to keep others bidding on a position you don’t need.
-Focus on RB, WR, TE and leave QBs to invest minimal value in. (Mahomes is a good one to nominate early, because he will have a high budget and you should be okay not having him)
-Start positional runs, don’t finish them. (If TEs are flying off the board, don’t nominate another TE)

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