Help Me Improve my Team to the next level

I am 3-2 as of now but I am the lowest scoring team in the league.
Half PPR
My team consists of
Rbs - DJ, Hunt, Thompson
Wrs - K Allen, Diggs, C Davis, Edelman, Callaway
Te - Olsen, Brate

What moves can I move to take my team to the next level. My team started very underwhelming but now they are scoring some points. Who should I target?

First your WR corps looks great IMO.

Like the footballers mentioned in a relatively recent episode, now is a good time to shop around DJ and hopefully sell high on his name and recent production as part of a package for a more consistent RB like zeke.

Also check on the Kamara owner, see if they’re in a panic over last nights game.

What about someone like Barkley? The Barkley owner is 1-4. I’m not sure about Zeke and the cowboys offense

I like Barkley

Would Kamara still be worth more than Barkley?