Help me improve my team

Here’s my team Full PPR–
QB- Mahomes, Big Ben, Winston
WRS- Thielen, Sanders, Allen, Coutee, Allison, Kirk,
RBs- Coleman, A.Jones, Collins, Richard, D.Johnson, Yeldon, Clement
TE- Ertz, Burton
K- Tucker

I don’t know who to seek out this week on waivers. Sutton is out there but I have Sanders.
Whats the ROS look like for Allison, Coutee, Yeldon and Clement?

I’m looking to get rid of Winston for sure, and probably Clement.


@MikeMeUpp I’d appreciate any thoughts, Thanks!

Why the heck do you have 3 QBs. Especially when you have Mahomes. When you have mahomes, you just plug and play him every single week, regardless of matchup. Big ben is just a waste of a roster slot.

Same concept applies to TE. In no world are you starting Burton over Ertz so trade him away.

I’d say your weakest point of the roster is your RBs. You need to make some moves.

Coleman is a sell high, i’ve been saying it for weeks now. Try and trade him now that he is off his bye. Package him in a combo with another RB or WR to get a better RB.

Jones is finally coming to form so he will be a great RB2 play for you. Collins is trash, yeldon is trash, same with clement tbh. All guys in horrible RBBCs.

I really like Coutee now with Fuller out, I think he’ll be a target hog when healthy. Allison is in that 2A/B role on GB although that WR corps is getting more and more crowded with ESB and MVS getting more snaps/touches.

Make trades man. Guys you should be selling on your roster right now are Burton, Coleman, Collins, David Johnson. The situation isn’t getting any better in ARI. Frankly, I was telling people to sell high on him on the news of McCoy firing cause no interim coach can fix that situation.

Thanks for your input, I’m in a 2 QB League, so that’s why I’ve had three. Ertz is on bye this week, so after this week I’ll get rid of Burton too.

I’ve been trying to trade DJ for a couple week, no one in my league wants him… even as a package. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully I can get some good trades in this week.

I’m #1 in the league at 6-2 , but it takes about 200 points to win our league and i have been worried as the season keeps going I just don’t have enough depth.

Thanks again.

Oh okay that’s an important piece of information. If you are in a 2 QB league, then you 100% need to have 3 QBs. Not sure if you should realistically be dropping winston either. That coaching staff is full of morons and they could just as easily put winston back in after Fitz has a bad game. I would much rather drop some of those fringe RBs you have before I dropped winston.

Yea, i don’t want to be burned by dropping Winston and picking up Fitz. Qbs on waivers are pretty slim so that’s probably who I would have to go with. Ito and Barber are on waivers.

If fitz is on waivers, I’d pick him up. I’m spending all of my remaining faab in my superflex league where fitz is on the waivers. He’s a fantasy stud.

Thanks for the advice man!