Help me it hertz

I need some advice on the following moves for this week. I’m in a bye-pocalypse and I need a TE.

I’m facing the owner of Thielen, Julio, McCafrey. My TE matchup is against Kittle.

My team (standard):
RB: Mixon, Michel, Mack, A.Jones, Chubb, Cohen
WR: AB, Hopkins, Boyd, Golladay, Landry
TE: Ertz

My options:

  1. Trade for Greg Olsen
  2. Drop for Jared Cook
  3. Do nothing and roll no TE.

I don’t think I can drop anyone.

I feel my best bet is to trade someone (I’m leaning Landry with recent changes) for Olsen who has a very nice matchup the next two weeks. The Olsen owner is also 1-7 and I’ve played him twice already so unlikely the move comes back to bite me, at least not directly. But with Ertz, Olsen would be a rental.

I’m also 6-2 so I am considering no TE and eating the loss.


If I were you, I would drop Chubb and stream Cook or whoever is best available. Your team is strong at every position, and I believe Chubb has the lowest upside/ceiling ROS. Cleveland isn’t going to put up a lot of points. I think you would be fine to drop Chubb for a streamer TE, and then perhaps try and pick him back up off of waivers next week.

I think I could trade Chubb for Burton

The Burton owner has been very interested in Chubb and he also has Rudolph.

However, I was looking to starting Chubb this week against KC since Mack and Mixon are on bye and if Michel ends up being out

I could also trade Landry for Burton