Help me make a trade

Im in a 2 QB FULL PPR Keeper League. Only able to choose 1 keeper. Kittle, Boyd, and Jackson are all 16th round keepers next year and T. Coleman is a 5th. The guy I’m offering the trade to is officially out of the playoffs and looking towards next year. Is this an adequate trade in regards to me looking to winning this year and him next year? Why or why not?

The rest of my team is
QBs: Cousins and Dalton
RBs: Zeke, Lewis, McCoy, and Nick Chubb
WRs: Hopkins, D. Adams.
TE: Zero
DST: Houston and Rams.

Do that trade. Drop Dalton for some better bench piece.

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I’m offering the trade. If you were in his situation 4-7 and can’t make the playoffs and are looking towards next year. Base on my team, would you accept this trade?

I mean yeah I would look to next year, but with only one keeper I would not be selling all my good players

Word. I tendered him another offer of Boyd and Coleman for AB. Seemed more reasonable.