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Help me make an offer for Bell


QB: Rivers, Luck
RB: Ajayi, Cook, Kelley, Cohen
WR: Jones, Cooper, Tate, D. Parker, R. Matthews
TE: Clay, Engram

Would you propose I try Cook, Cooper, and Kelley for Lev Bell? Maybe Cook, Cooper, and Kelley for Bell and Diggs or Keenan Allen instead? Maybe Tate instead of Cooper depending on his night tonight?

Hopefully then I can pick up Buck Allen and JJ Nelson off waivers or so.

Other team:
QB: Stafford
RB: Elliot, Bell
WR: Hill, Diggs, Allen
TE: Gronk




if you want bell you are going to have to offer him something like julio and cook (maybe), to get bell, (i’d try and offer for bell+diggs). his roster is better than yours imo so your fighting an uphill battle here. tbh i would drop one of your tight ends and pick up buck allen asap either way.


Yeah I agree. However, I am hoping that Bell having 2 down weeks might help influence a trade, plus the huge dip in the WRs (Hill and Diggs). Maybe throwing 3 players might do it?

Maybe Cook, Cooper, Parker for Bell and Diggs


I dont think throwing three players helps when his players are already better because that means he has to take one better out to put one of the new worse ones in which is pointless. IDK what he has on his bench maybe you could offer him a stud and if hes willing to drop a benched player that would allow you to get bell. I know bells recent performance has been garbage, but as someone who owns bell in 2 leagues, i dont think there is a trade out there that i would take right now in a standard redraft league.


Well her bench is really terrible and nobody with any upside to help. I might consider Cook, Tate/Cooper, and Parker for Bell and Diggs/T. Hill.

I definitely don’t think Diggs/Hill/Allen > Julio/Cooper/Tate, and especially the QBs throwing to the former are worse than my latter group.


BTW the bench of the person I’d be trading to is:

Powell, Blount, Cobb, Dalton, Jordan Matthews, Jamaal Williams, O. Howard

My current bench is:

Luck, Kelley, Parker, MIN, R. Matthews, Engram, Cohen


Im not suggesting that you trade for someone on her bench who is better, im suggesting that the upgrade she is getting in her wide receiever is no where near what shes losing in the rb by letting bell go. so if she can take the trade and get rid of a bench player who is worse than what she is recieving she will be upgrading. Ranked in order of value IMO below:



Julio is the man (seriously, hes my fav player to watch in the nfl) but if you can turn him into Bell i would, for fantasy purposed bell is way better than julio. The turf toe issues, the boom or bust production. imo bell is worths elling julio and an rb, you can try julio and cohen while cohen is high and see if she bites.


Yeah that is a good call actually or if I can pick up someone else like Buck Allen or so.

Ty brotha


Buck is a beast. Idk if theres any rules about posting links to outside websites here but you can google and look at bucks production in 2015 when he took over as the main back, here are the last 7 games he started in a ppr league:

18.4 (1TD)(2015)
35 (1TD)(2015)
1.8 (fumble here, maybe pulled from game)(2015)
16.2 (2015)
13 (2015)
21.1 (yesterday)