Help me not overthink this Dynasty mistake

.5 PPR Dynasty League

I made the mistake of only going with 1 QB, that was Jimmy G, w/ Tyrod as my back up

All starting QBs are owned and the league know they have me by the balls.

The only legit offer I have been given was Andy Dalton for Kenny Golladay, which I would rather not do, or am I valuing Golladay to high, even though my other WRs are Cooks, Amari Cooper, Will Fuller, Tyler Lockett, and Goodwin…am I dumb if I just pick up Bethard and go with him?

Everyone else wants Barkley or CMC, neither which i will let go. Id rather take the L for the season since its dynasty.

Help me out Clan

Yikes. That’s a rough situation. Golladay for Dalton is not a great deal.

I would absolutely pick up Beathard and run with him for now. If you have the space, pick up some other backup and see what happens.

That sucks. You 100% need to make a trade for a QB.

Of your WR crop though, I’d rather trade Lockett/Goodwin for someone.

This happened to me earlier in the season when I only took Winston as my QB and just went out and acquired Carr/Fitzpatrick for cheaper WRs.

I think Golladay might actually finish as the WR1 in that offense so him for Dalton is way too much. You can get way better than Dalton if you are giving up Golladay.

Taking the L for the season isn’t really a viable strat. It’s not like there’s going to be stud QBs coming in next year’s draft that will start for you. You need to actually solve the situation. If you want to wait a week or 2 and sacrifice a couple of Ls and wait for people to cool down before doing a trade, that’s fine. But you can’t actually just wait the entire season.

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Mike thanks for the feedback man! In your opinion, if I did package Lockett and Goodwin who do you see as a potential shot…I was gonna try and snag Rosen but I assume Lockett and Goodwin are tomuch for someone who never played? The guy with Baker wont deal him…someone wanted Barkley for Luck, GTFO, lol…

Do you think those 2 for stafford, maybe if I include my 2nd round pick next year with those 2?

It depends on what else the stafford owner has. personally, if stafford is like my 2nd or 3rd QB and I’m getting Lockett + Goodwin + a 2nd, I’d take that deal every day of the week. But knowing you’re in a bad position, obv you’re going to have to pay more. But why not start there.

Lockett is part of the future of the franchise and is showing he can do is as the teams leading receiver. Been 3 weeks now where he has shown up and produced. If a team is in need of a WR, that makes sense.

Depending on your RB depth, you can also shop around some lower RBs. People are obviously going to charge you the maximum right now. You just have to find someone reasonable willing to take value. It started off like that for me too when the Winston news came out but was eventually able to find a reasonable dude willing to part ways with one of there lower tier QBs.

Look for guys that own like 3-4 QBs.

Ah yeah like the Stafford owner has Flaco and Sam Darnold so I doubt I will be able to get Stafford, maybe Darnold?

There is another guy who has Carr, Wentz, brees, AND MAHOMES, and his team is pretty stacked, I am sure he will ask for the moon on any of those guys, is it worth trying to package the WRs and even my first round next year for Mahomes or Wentz?

You won’t be able to get stafford. You could try for Flacco. But he’s on a timer too so who knows how long he lasts.

Yeah you could do that. I mean, that dude is an idiot for owning 4 QBs tbh. Probably means he is lacking elsewhere. You can only start one QB. So if you’re offering anything that gives him a potential starter + draft capital, he should be taking it. If he’s not rational and asks for the moon, then you just gotta move on to the next guy.

Probably wouldn’t target Mahomes given his price is just sky high. It won’t really get higher than it is now. That combo’d with you needing a QB would result in you having to pay a crapload.

You could try and target Wentz though. And if that fails, then even just getting Carr is okay too. Obviously don’t give up a 1st for Carr.

You are spot on…I know I can prolly get Darnold if I wanted to.

As for the other situation. I was offered Alex Smith. Is that something toh would entertain Mike if I gave up Lockett and Godwin? Or one of them with Jordan Wilkins?

Smith is another fine play as well. I’d take him over Carr for sure.

I don’t know if I’d give up Godwin cause I personally love Godwin in Dynasty formats. But if you’re desperate, then maybe you have to.

Darnold is good in dynasty but he doesn’t really help you this year. You need the help now. Not a bad idea to go out and acquire Darnold for depth after getting one of the other dudes.

Thanks mike and you wouldn’t have an issue parting with Wilkins would you? If you have. Barkley, CMC and Powell in a 2 rb league with no flex right?

I mean ideally, you want to keep as much depth as you want, but given you literally have no startable QBs and how bad Indy’s run game looks, you have to make some sacrifices and that’s a sacrifice I’d be willing to make.

Lol would Bortles even be in the conversation of trying ?

This past week is why, you can’t trust bortles. All these people telling me how he’s such a good fantasy QB. Goes up against one of the leagues worst Pass D’s and puts up 6 points. I personally hate owning him. I’d much rather have Smith tbh.

Again, your situation is totally diff. He does have a pretty easy schedule coming up so you can start him.

Mike, this is why I hated the idea but I did get Bortles, he was the only one I could get without giving up Golladay or Barkley, lol…

Yeah your situation is very unfortunate. I’d still try and make some plays. Could potentially wait for Bortles to have a bigger week in one of these upcoming match-ups and then make a deal so others don’t think you’re completely desperate.

in this league I do like the most of my starting line up, Minus my QB situation.

Having Barkley, CMC, Cooks, Will Fuller, Golladay, Cooper, Trey booboo is a good foundation BUT still alot of work to do.

Mike I also had sent you a message but not sure if you got it…still getting use to that, lol

oh and for the record my boy in this league is ripping me apart saying giving up Lockett and Goodwin for Bortles ir terrible when I could of had Dalton for Golladay…I told him he is probably right but I rather send off Lockett and and Goodwin and keep Golladay