Help me package a trade for Brandin Cooks

How would you package a trade for Brandin Cooks? (Or another WR of similar value) in a dynasty

RBs: Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, Drake, Ito, Guice
WRs: M. Thomas, JuJu, Allison, Godwin, Sutton, Callaway, Enunwa

I think one more solid WR would put me over the top and seal the deal for me.

Thanks people!

Allison and drake maybe ?

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If you can sell high on Drake I would go for it. Packaged him with a decent wide receiver that you wouldn’t mind losing.

I’d rather add MVS and have he and Allison as a starter every week for sure. Unless they both end up injured unluckily. Free way to guanrantee Cooks ballpark value.

lol at these offers above. Every single one is a lowball offer for Brandin Cooks.

If you want Cooks, you’re going to have to give kerryon+. Only way in dynasty. Probably Kerryon + Allison or Godwin.

having said that, I think your roster is just fine as is.

Why not just put out a feeler with Allison+Drake and see if there are any takers

Then if no one is biting, tell them you’ll upgrade to Allison+Kerryon and I’m sure you’ll get a few teams take a second look and reconsider seeing the “upgrade”

I don’t think it will be enough as mentioned above but always worth putting feelers out on sell high guys. Unless you have league mates that only expect best and final right away or only trade if they ‘win’ trades i’d start with something like that, you can always work up but it’s impossible to work down

Go after Diggs. Or just do the ALLISON MVS thing.

I’d never start MVS over JuJu or M. Thomas (or Mixon/Gurley/Kerryon) is the only thing though. Don’t want to play two guys hoping they can add to the value of Cooks haha.