Help me package a trade

Trying to obtain Brandin Cooks… He’s all but eliminated from the playoffs. This is a 13-keeper league (dynasty-redraft hybrid)

My Team:
QB: Rodgers
RBs: Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, Ito, Adams, Brown, Guice, Burkhead
WRs: MT, Juju, Sutton, Godwin, Miller, Callaway, Enunwa, Tre’Quan
TE: OJ Howard

His Team:
QB: Goff
RBs: Gordon, Dion, Ekeler, Michel, Richard, Devonta Freeman, C. Thompson
WRs: Cooks, Gordon, Ridley, Shepard, Robinson, Agholor, Mike Williams, Kirk
TEs: Kelce, Njoku

Our league is half ppr, start 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 2Flex (RB/WR/TE), Kicker, D.
I wouldn’t mind getting rid of Guice and sell high on Tre’Quan, on top of adding another piece or two. Lmk what you think :slight_smile: Thanks!

Did you offer guice and tre’quan? That might get it done since he’s eliminated. I guess it depends on how he views Guice…most in keeper/dynasty still view him as an RB1 stash so he’s still valuable in a trade

Ya that was going to be my initial offer but I wasn’t sure if it would be considered a lowball. Would you consider throwing in a 2nd round pick as well if he doesn’t like the first trade? I currently don’t have a 1st round pick (gave it up for Guice lol).

I also had another thought that I could be capping my ceiling given I also have Gurley, but a RB/WR team duo is better than a MT/Tre’Quan (WR/WR) team duo.

I’m considering targeting Diggs or Keenan instead with the same offer. The owner of those two also has T.Y and Boyd so he’s pretty deep at WR, but he’s also competing pretty heavily right now so he might not be as interested in Guice

I dont think I’d offer the 2nd. Guice should be more than enough since the cooks owner is out of the playoff race. He’s thinking towards the future and even though Cooks is a nice WR, he is 1 of a 3 man WR rotation and he, Woods, and Kupp all get a similar target share. I wouldn’t move an RB1 for him, but I have concerns with Guice and the Washington offense as a whole so I’d be ok with your initial offer. Maybe swap Tre’Quan with another WR but not that 2nd rounder.

Diggs and Allen are good too, but Allen has the same WR rotation concerns I have with Cooks. Diggs gets a crap ton of targets, but doesn’t seem to connect with Cousins as much as Thielen (except for this past week of course). I do like Diggs though, but if the owner is in the playoff race, it’ll be a lot tougher to sell Guice.

Ok I sent out feelers to both the Diggs owner and Cooks owner. Would you be worried about capping your ceiling with Cooks as the Gurley owner as well? On top of both maybe not playing week 16… lol

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I’m not so much concerned with having two guys from the rams, that offense is one of the best. I have Hunt and Hill and I was hesitant at the beginning of the year, but I’ve realized that if they’re from one of the best offenses, you’ll be fine.

My bigger concern would be the not playing week 16. I think that’s a very real possibility for the rams players which is why I refuse to pay up for Gurley (even though I want him on my team badly…haha)

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Ya that’s a great point with how high powered their offense is. Lol and ya I’ve become the biggest Saints fan over the past few weeks to make the Rams keep playing all out till the end of the season haha.

lol Chiefs too

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Anybody competing in the NFC and then whoever the Rams play against that week lol

Just to quickly add my two cents, since I think you are already getting good advice.

No worry about stacking on LAR. Particularly with no ‘definite’ go to WR.

Diggs is the best name you mention IMHO. But I would still target Cooks at LAR are ridiculous and to my eye, Goff > Cousins.

T. Smith will be in the same situation as the above WRs, but Brees definitely likes MT. You will count on WR2 (team) production with Smith and that is more risky in NO.

If you can move Guice + any of the WRs then do that for any of the names you have listed. Your RBs are stacked.

Final thought: if you can throw in a 2nd (assuming it is Rookie draft) do it. I always take a known over an unknown. Especially in rookie drafts. But in your case with such deep keeper stacks I would move a 2nd without hesitation as I doubt you will find someone in the 2nd with comparable talent that is not held on someone’s team. Those lucky finds never clear the 1st.