Help me Pic 1 Please, STD league, point based

D.Adams in as 1, please help pic second WR…
Nervous about Theilan & Parker return from injury, though Parker has the better matchup, Theilan has the better QB, Debo has better shadow, but Sanders probably has better TD chances…Really struggling here!!!

E. Sanders

If it helps, Sanders is my WR1 and Parker my WR2.

Hopefully you can roll out Parker and not worry about Thielen but that is a tough choice

I don’t think parker plays so I would pivot to one of the 49er wr probably Sanders

I’d go Parker and Sanders.
NYG secondary is trash, more so with Jenkins gone.
If Parker sits is go Thielen and sanders.

Thielen or Sanders. If Thielen rolls, i think he’s fine. They already screwed it up once. They won’t bring him back early again.

I just saw that Parker made the trip to NY…for what that’s worth…