Help me pick a keeper... PLEASE LOL

Have to choose 1 keeper with no draft implications and is full PPR… I ended last year with

Julio Jones
Kareem hunt
Keenan Allen
Davante Adams
Jerick McKinnon

What you guys think?

It’s between

Do you know what spot your drafting at?

If you are draftin early keep Jones, if you are drafting late keep Jones! he will have a good year

@Fr0sty11 no I won’t know until an hour before the draft… that would make things a lot easier if I did cause I have a pretty good idea of who my league mates will keep…

Ok… Well with a keeper league with no draft implications I would assume the DJ, Zeke, gurley, bell owners will all keep… And unless the same owners has OBJ or Hopkins I bet they get kept too…

So the first round will be Barkley and prob TOP WR as you are letting some good ones back.

So I would think you would need to keep a RB Which is hunt… I don’t love hunt this year but I’m sure he will be fine… If you like hunt def keep him as I think unless you are pick #1-3

But if you don’t like hunt like me… Go Julio… He will be a stud and just hope you can get a RB1 in the first round

Id keep Julio but it depends on your draft slot. You could keep Hunt and draft whichever WR is available to you when you pick in the 2nd round.

I agree with everyone else. If you pick earlier, keep we and redraft hunt. Later, redraft Allen or Julio and keep hunt

Yeah I say hunt. Rbs are more valuable