Help me pick a trade offer

QBs: McCown and Winston
RBs: Zeke, Morris, R Smith, Kamara, Hyde, Abdullah, Lewis, and Woodhead
WRs: Julio, Evans, Dez
TE: Hunter
K: Greg the Leg

My team is above. QB injuries have hurt me and i need an upgrade as my current QBs are McCown and Winston. Nothing on waivers other than Keenum, Savage, Gabbert, and Bortles (yuck). I have plenty of RB depth. The trades that were offered to me are:

  1. Woodhead for Big Ben
  2. Mariota for Abdullah or Lewis
  3. Rivers for Abdullah or Lewis

Which Trade should I accept? (I also offered McCown and Abdullah for Brees but haven’t heard back yet)

Thanks !!!

I would probably aim for the best qb you could get hyde and kamara are autostarts. Morris will improve and your WR are nasty. I would even think about giving someone 2 rbs for a QB. Im not really a fan of big ben. Mariota and rivers have decent schedules. I would just aim as high as you can

I agree I’d say try trading 2 RBs for a QB I also don’t like Big Ben. I’d stay away from Rivers and Mariota, just try getting the most you can get for a QB

None of those qbs are great but with ur solid rb depth u could try packagin like abdullah lewis and winston for brees

I’m going to try too. Alot of people in this league are hording QBs and sending me laughable offers like Goff for Kamara.

Haha thats awful. I would try and get rid of Abdullah coming off a good game. I traded him earlier this year. He goes down with arm tackles and has less upside than lewis. Sell him on the volume of carries and TDs. If nothing else I think you could live with Mariota and help he gets healthy. At the end of the day he’s a better qb than mccown and you won’t be using abdullah

Hoarding QBs is irritating if you need one. I drafted Luck and planned to stream QBs until he came back. At one point in my 8-team league the other 7 owners had rostered 17 QBs! Finally someone dropped Cousins and I used him, then made a trade for Wilson.

For your situation I like Mariota’s schedule, especially for playoffs. Brees must be downgraded based on how little passing they are doing with Ingram and Kamara in the backfield. You may want to knock on the door of the Dak owner. He may be panicked about last week’s awful performance, but I think as soon as they get their left tackle back or find a decent replacement, Dak will be fine.