Help me pick an awesome trio of team names

I am in three leagues this season with a significant overlap in membership. 8-9 of the players are in at least two, if not all three.

I’m trying to come up with the best possible set of three team names that all tie together in some subtle/amusing/not-so-subtle/hilarious/amazing way.

Does not need to be limited to football - I’m totally open to classic sci-fi/fantasy and video game references,or anything else awesome that you come up with. Though… as much as I love GoT, there are several other references in other team names already, so the dragons seem too obvious.

All three are hosted on ESPN, so I can split each name across two fields if that makes a difference.

Hmm. Anchorman?
The Punting Baxters. Pleasure Town Unicorns,Rich Mahogany Mauraders.

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Nice! One of my opponents has the last name Baxter, even.

Back to the future
1.21 JJ Watts
We Don’t Snead Roads
The Biff Tannen-hills

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maybe something with a video game title…

Incorporate the ridiculous Captain Falcon? Can work if you have any players from the Falcons.