Help me pick my keeper!

I’m in a 10 team 2QB Full PPR league. I’m drafting from the 9th position. I have the following options for keepers:

  1. I could draft Deandre Hopkins in the 2nd round and get another elite player with the 9th pick. Hopkins is an elite WR, maybe #1 WR this year. I could potentially draft a RB or WR better than Chubb with my first pick.

  2. I could draft Nick Chubb in the 10th round of the draft. Gives me a solid RB2 with RB1 upside and can use my first two picks to get elite players.

  3. I could draft George Kittle in the last round of the draft (hurraayyy for picking him up off waivers for $15). Secure a top 3 TE with the last pick of my draft.

I’m leaning towards options 1 or 2. Which option holds the most value for my draft?

I would keep Nick Chubb in the 10th. Based on ADP he is being draft as an RB1 (12 team league).

Gracias senior. I was thinking Chubb would be the best option based on his value.

I posted another topic and gave more clarity to the situation.