Help me pick my Keepers, roster kinda sucks

So this is the first time I’m picking my keepers and I need some help. Below is my roster and the pick I’d be losing if I kept them, need 4:
Matt Ryan, round 12
Michael Thomas, round 2
Amari Cooper, round 4
Shady McCoy, round 3
Matt Breida, round 7
Jordan Reed, round 9
Big Ben, round 10
Courtland Sutton, waivers (last round)
Lamar Jackson, waivers
DJ Moore, round 12
Chris Thompson, round 8
OJ Howard, waivers
Adam Thielen, round 3
Sony Michel, Round 8

Who would you guys keep, also have the first pick. Thanks!

Thomas, DJ more and OJ Howard for sure. All values in those rounds. Then I would see how many RBs are being kept by other teams. Maybe keep michel and hope for a decent RB with your round 1 pick. Or keep thielen. Hope he has a good start to his season and then deal him for an RB.

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I would also keep Thomas, Howard and More for sure and the decide between Thielen/Cooper/Michel, where Michel could end up with the by far best value for this round. But NE RBs, you never know …
I would be Thielen 50%, Michel 40% (because of injury concerns, but great value) and Cooper 10% (because of inconsistency of his career).
Hope this is going to help you :slight_smile:


Thomas, Cooper, DJ Moore and Sony.

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Thomas, moore, howard and michel for me, then I would probably go rb round 1, but really depends on who is available

Nothing different here, but DJ Moore / M Thomas / OJ Howard are definitely being kept. It is hard to pass on Thielen just to lock up two high end WRs, but the risk of Sony in the 8th seems the better play. I doubt you get better value in that round, and if he does not work out you have picked other players at the round he normally goes. If he is right, though, it would be a steal in the 8th!