Help me pick my rbs/flex this week

Half ppr
So for the first time in a long time I have good problem to have. I was able to make some moves and add some really good rb depth
Carson is still questionable so if he plays hes in but how do you order this

CEH v Car (12.7)
Robinson v Hou (16.3)
Carson v @Buf (15.1)
Hasty v GB (14.0)
Gibson v NYG (12.6)

Need 3, 2rb/and a flex

+added projected points even though I know thats not all that important

Carson if available I’d normally play, but I don’t think he will and I’d need a couple full practices to feel any kind of safe so I’d probably be planning on being without him.

Hasty I think is one I have as absolutely start, Robinson I’d be very keen on too with likely backup qb in play. Last one probably Gibson.

Feels weird saying bench Carson and CEH


yeah no doubt that sounds scary but I totally understand the thoughts behind it. Im really hoping Carson practices friday and they say he looks all good but doubtful.

Gibson playing NYG is an interesting over CEH against the Carolina D thats been bad against the run though idk if im ready to do that

Easy on hasty. Niners won’t their starting quarterback, any of their starting receivers, starting tight end, maybe not even the back up tight end and their starting left tackle.

Depending on where you drafted CEH (generally 1st round in majority of leagues), you get backed into a corner of keeping CEH in your line-up due to the high draft captial spent on him.

Yup First rounder for me. I was really believing that that offense and his abilities hed be a top 10 rb all year… not furious with the output but not impressed and definitely backed into a corner with him every week but now i have other options that are solid choices as well finally

Niners will be facing stacked boxes this week and they’ll be without one of their best blockers in kittle and their best blocker in trent Williams.

That being said, it is the packers who have been absolutely torched by cook/kamara/Ronald jones. Todd Gurley put up a good week only b/c of TDs. David Johnson did not.

I think I’d probably still lean in the direction of starting hasty cause the crazy upside but I’d have the expectation that due to niners losing so many pieces that it may not be an absolute smash

If your down on Hasty who would your 3 of the above be?

I’d start Robinson & Gibson and then it’s about what kind of risk you want to take on. Are you okay with injury risk? If yes then carson. Personally i try to avoid playing injured players so I missed on that smash Miami game. As process of elimination I’d go hasty. And almost view him as a boom bust RB this week.

I haven’t been following CEH all that closely so I’m not going to provide input there.

Well Im facing the #1 team in the league hes got Wilson and Henry among other big hitters so i gotta be really getting these picks right. CEH has been disappointed but not a complete dud. Since Bell is playing he has lost some touches but they keep being in these blowouts where they dont need to use him a ton.

News just released that nobody has Covid. Fire hasty up!

So Hasty Robinson and Gibson?

Ugh sitting CEH and Carson sounds like insanity but I think it might be the right call

I could see the starting of Carson for upside. I mean he destroyed when he played against Miami after everyone thought he had a multi week injury

If Carson practices tomorrow and things start looking good for him does it become
Carson Robinson and Hasty?

Man this is tough idk if ive ever had a stable of rbs like this. Good problem to have but tough to make the call on whos gonna perform

I’m probably going carson over hasty cause how close carson was to playing last week. I’m also very confused who’s playing for the niners tonight

I think im going to bench Hasty I try to avoid TNF if i can and hes not the actual starter plus mckinnon has had some games this year so he might limit hasty

so down to 4 to pick 3 and if carson sits then its decided but if he doesnt idk if i bench gibson or ceh for carson

Robinson Gibson carson if this was my decision but this is close enough where I would respect just about any mixture of these guys.

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