Help me pick my starters!

Pick one QB: Smith or Rivers

Pick two RB: Bell, Hunt, Hyde, Perine or Jamaal

Pick three WR: M. Thomas, D. Baldwin, M. Goodwin, D. Westbrook or R. Woods

Pick one: TE: E. Engram or J. Graham

Pick one D: Broncos or Vikings

I currently have
QB: Rivers
RB: Bell, Hunt
WR: Thomas, Baldwin and goodwin
TE: Graham
D: Broncos

Bell and hunt (Jamaal is only one I’d play over hunt if you feel it in your gut)
Thomas,Baldwin and Goodwin
Engram I’m fine with Graham too I think this is the closest decision you have.

Really nice team…

Good luck

I like Hyde as RB2, but otherwise I’d choose the same line up