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Help me pick one WR


Need to start a WR. Should I start Hilton vs Rams, Allen vs Denver, or John Brown vs Detroit? .5 PPR by the way.


I’d go in this order: Allen > Hilton > Brown

I’d like to see how HIlton does with the new QB, and I also need to see Brown perform again. That being said, Allen has always been amazing until he got hurt so I’d ride that hot hand.


Brown gives you the most upside. I just got a message saying that luck could play today? I’m not sure if that’s just fake news but Hilton is Hilton. Although he won’t get you as many points as he would if luck plays. But he’s a playmaker and I think he could possibly catch 5-10 catches with a touchdown.


@prof_pigeon Brown had one nice game in the preseason, although yes, it was preseason against dudes who probably didn’t make the team. I was leaning towards Allen but Chris Harris Jr is a top cornerback and makes me nervous.


Team MakeUp matters. If Hilton is an explosive play-maker piece in addition to a Crabtree or Fitzgerald, then I play Hilton. I expect Indy to play from behind a throw a lot.


@mason_lutz really? I just got a messaging saying he may be out until October. Hilton like Brown only needs one play, but what scares me about him is Wade Phillips, the Rams defensive coordinator is elite, and Scott Tolezn preseason which didn’t inspire confidence.


My take is that you can’t guard Hilton all day. That is why you picked him by the 4th round. I play my studs.


@RatBastard my starters are Palmer, Zeke, Hyde, Diggs, (insert WR here), and Powell.


Allen 1st option