HELP ME Please!

Im looking to trade Gurley and TY for M.thomas and maybe Lynch. Does that seem like a fair trade?
______ ME ____________ THEM
QB - Palmer ---------------Dak
WR - T.Y. ------------------- Jordy
WR - Crab ----------------- M.Thomas
WR - Landry -------------- D.Thomas
RB - M. Gordan ----- ---- Lynch
RB - Gurley ----------- ---- Quizz Rodgers
TE - blah! ------------------ Reed
Flex -Kamara ------------ C. Coleman
B – Decker ---------------- Abdulla
----- R.Kelly ---------------- Garcon
----- Moncrief ------------- Walker
----- Doctson ---------------Rawls
----- Woodhead (IR) ----- Amendola

To me it looks like they need RBs. So, I wonder if you could just do a trade like Gurley for M. Thomas.

thanks for the response, I tried a straight up trade, he countered with something silly( im assumng it was a joke), so im gettin ready to counter with Gurley/T.Y. for M. Thomas/Quiz and trade for D. Martin later. is this too much?

while i was trying to sell him the trade, my argument for Gurley was so good I kind of talk my self into wanting to keep him.

eh, i have gurley and I am still waiting for him to be shite this year.

I dont blame you. i was down on him all off season and coming into the draft but the O-line being “upgraded” and Goff looking like he kinda knew how to play football in week 1 has me a little higher on him. plus the volume.

maybe ill wait and see what he does against Washington.

thanks again for the response, much appreciated.