Help me, please!

I’m down 1.5 points to my opponent in a .5PPR.

He has Tyreek hill left and I have my flex.
I was planning on playing Swift, but was wondering if I need upside and should play someone else like Sammy Watkins?

I’d go Swift still. I think Packers lead it wire to wire and he’s getting a lot of short receptions. That said, I think you’re really up against it.

I think you have to go with Swift and shoot for the stars.

Well. Swift just needs 7 now. Tyreek was held to 4 :pray::eyes:

You’re in a fine situation. I think you see it over the line now.

I’m down 24.16 in PPR with Jamaal Williams, Hockenson and Packers DST to play. Opponent all out. I’m kinda confident but its definitely not easy.