Help me please

I have the 12th pick in a twelve team keeper league standard scoring. I have Howard as my keeper and most big names are gone. What’s my strategy

Depends on the big names gone, but maybe target Lesean or Mixon if you are looking for another RB.

Need more details. Is it a snake draft? Is it only one keeper? Do you have to keep someone? Is the keeper designated to a specific round?

Assuming snake draft, only 1 keeper, all keepers are first round picks, and you don’t have to select a keeper… I wouldn’t select a keeper at all. When you don’t select a keeper and everyone else does, you essential give yourself the “first” pick in the draft and you could get someone like Saquon since he isn’t on a roster or if you don’t like Saquon you still give yourself a shot at another top 12 guy since every team can only keep one. Most rankings have Howard as a late second round pick I wouldn’t use my first round pick on him. You could even end up getting him back as your second pick because he is going at the back of the second. So you start the draft off with Saquon (or other top 12 guy) and then a Howard or a McKinnon, Mixon, Aj Green type player.

This also prevents the #1 pick in your league from getting their keeper and another top 12 pick.