Help me set my roster

I was going to make couple of threads as to who to start. Maybe just show my whole roster and I would gladly take suggestions.

This is what I’m thinking about running with:

Big Ben
N. chubb
Kenny Golladay
Brandin Cooks
Cameron Brate
David Johnson (flex)
M. Bryant
LA Rams D

Josh Allen
Damien Williams
Aaron Jones (glitch in waivers left him on my bench still so I’ll be looking for another player)
Keenan Allen
Robbie Anderson
Vance McDonald

I’d go with what you have.

Yeah? Golladay and Johnson are the only ones I’m debating switching out.

Thanks man.

If you wanted to go away from Kenny g the maybe Anderson. Johnson idk. You could go Williams but I’ve never been a fan and I could see them saying forget the run and just throw it 50 times

Yup, Kenny G is just a pure volume play. Although I imagine that Vikings are going to be playing really tough since their playoffs chances might be done if they lose. Anderson would be my plug in for sure.

I feel you about Williams. It hurt watching him with 27 points on my bench last week. He’s had what? 4 TDs in the last 2 weeks? Maybe it’s 3. I’m sort of afraid of that Rams defense trying to completely shut out Arizona.