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Help me set up this trade!


Standard 10-team league, a friend of mine wants a rb to play this week because his are on bye or injured. I have rbs to offer, and i was thinking about doing a trade, maybe some 2 for 1 to improve my team. What would you guys offer and for who?
My team 5-2:
Gurley, mccaffrey, conner, chubb, kerryon, ito
Davante adams, juju, kirk and taylor gabriel
His 4-3 team:
Brees, Wilson
Elliott, sony michel, henry, thompson, mostert
Michael thomas, kupp, john brown, geronimo, cole
Trey burton


If i tried:
Mccaffrey + juju + maybe another rb
Zeke and michael thomas
Would this benefit me?


Last bump before i give up this post


i Dont think he would do that trade but it could happen


I think your team is fine but why not trade Ito for Cooper Kupp?

The only other trades I could see that be really worth something would be trading for either Elliot or Michael Thomas…I doubt they go for any of that.


What gets me in this situation is his desperation for rbs now… zeke and henry are on bye, sony, powell and thompson injured. Thats what made me think i could get zeke cheap from him.
Trying to get kupp sounds like a good plan as well, but i dont think he would take ito, maybe chubb or kerryon


Conner + Juju for Michael Thomas + Thompson - he gets his 1 week RB, you improve WR and buy low on Thompson.


The guys i really want from his team are elliott and thomas.
I believe maybe Mccaffrey + ito for zeke should be fair
Or juju + one of your rbs(conner, chubb or kerryon) for michael thomas sounds good as well.
But your team is already strong as it is, so i dont know what i’d do. Maybe @MikeMeUpp could give you his fantasy expert opinion here haha


You should try and take JuJu + Conner or JuJu + Chubb and try and flip it into MT or Elliott.

Or try and get Michel off him for like Chubb + Kirk or something.


Juju + chubb + kerryon
MT + sony
Too much?
I think i might be able to get MT for juju and chubb


I just said above, JuJu + Chubb for Elliott or MT alone. And even that might be too low. How do you think you’re going to get both Sony and MT. Don’t low ball people. If there’s a trade where you would see if and would instant accept, you’re probably making a horrible offer.

If you could get MT for JuJu + Chubb, that’s already a good deal for you.


Got MT for juju and kerryon. Managed to keep chubb that i believe has more value ros. Do you guys agree? I traded for juju a few weeks ago, so it was kinda hard to let him go. But MT seems to be a good upgrade