Help me step up my trade game!

Hey guys! I am looking to upgrade my roster going into playoffs. What kind of value do you think I could get for the following players, and do you think trading them would be the right move? I am not a successful trader - my timing is always terrible, my offers are usually uneven and improvements in this area would make me an exponentially better player! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

The players I am thinkin about trading would be:
Isaiah Crowell or Juju
I also have Zeke but I am hoping to make it to the final round of playoffs and bust him out as a not so secret weapon - but would it be a better idea to try and trade him to someone with the same idea?


The first part is almost impossible to answer. It depends on what other teams in your league need and what you need. Crowell is valued now as a low end 2 or flex so that’s basically what you can get back. JuJu is valued as a low to middling wr2. I guess my advice would be to try and package assets like these guys together to get a stud, maybe a back end rb1 or something. As far as Zeke, if you can trade him for an actually usable asset please do it. So much has to go right just to make it to the championship week, and even if you do, he plays seattle which is an absolutely awful matchup.

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There was actually an article on Mon or Tues that gave a rundown on good trade info. Check it out
Agree with all the above, Zeke is useless at this point. Its also hard to tell you who to target etc without knowing your lineup and that of others in your league. Look for someone that has an absolute dumpster fire of depth surrounding a solid player that is in a must win. You are then trading start-able assets for him to fill his lineup while you get the best overall player. Go 2 for 1 or even 3 for 2. Anything larger than that gets cumbersome to manage,
good luck