Help me to set my three WRs, tough decision

This is really tough for me rn.


Atm I’m with Thomas, Boyd and Golladay, but absolutely not sure about Kearse, Hilton and Gabriel…

Agree - Thomas, Boyd and Golladay.

I am in a similar situation with Tate, Golladay, Boyd, and Hilton. I am going to keep Hilton on my bench because of the hammy. Sure he may have a great game, but if he reaggravates the injury then he could go out early and leave you with nothing.

I would go Thomas, Golladay, and Boyd.

Thing is, I put Kearse cause of enunwa injury. He should see a ton of targets. Also Gabriel could have another great game while Thomas is a little shaky in the last games…

If you are a heavy favorite to win, I see Kearse and Gabriel as safe plays with limited upsides. I expect a lot of targets for them. But Thomas, Boyd and Golladay all have pretty good floors with much higher upside.

Unfortunately it’s pretty close. So I stay conservative here I guess. Biting my own ass if Kearse and Gabriel explode, while Thomas grabs 4 of 4 for 44…