Help me trade for Amari?

10 team PPR redraft.

I’m 3-0 with a lot of depth, and interested in trading this other owner for either Juju or Amari. What would be a fair offer? I offered Ridley/Royce/Shady for Amari and his worst player, but he’s asking for Kerryon in a larger deal but I’m not sure.

Help me come up with a good offer? Or maybe I should just stand pat. I’m 3-0, and he needs RB help.

My roster:
QB: Patrick Mahomes
WR: Chris Godwin
WR: Calvin Ridley
RB: Alvin Kamara
RB: Kerryon Johnson
W/R/T: Terry McLaurin
TE: Darren Waller
DEF: GB (-_-)
K: Wil Lutz
BN: LeSean Mccoy
BN: Royce Freeman
BN: Miles Sanders
BN: Mecole Hardman
BN: DJ Chark
BN: Tyreek Hill

His team:

QB: Matt Ryan
RB: Devonta Freeman (bye)
RB: Rex Burkhead
WR: Juju
WR: Amari Cooper
TE: Evan Engram
W/R/T: Larry Fitz
BN: Devin Singletary
BN: Kenyon Drake
BN: L Bell (bye)
BN: Jared Goff
BN: John Ross
BN: Chris Herndon

Maybe Godwin/Shady/Hardman I wouldn’t give Johnson cuz bench RB are kinda just flex hit or miss. But I wouldn’t stress to much if you cant get them cuz when hill comes back your going to have a solid WR 1

McCoy shouldn’t be on your bench… Ridley/Godwin shouldn’t be starting…

WRs should be McLaurin/Chark, McCoy in Flex… Hill should be back next week or two

Juju isn’t worth trading for… Amari is, but you’re going to wreck your team doing it… again, Hill should be back next week or two

It’s not a good team to trade with… who has Keenan Allen?

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Godwin shouldn’t be starting??? Bruh

The #22 WR on the season that’s a gametime decision to even play probably shouldn’t be starting over the #8 and 10 WRs, one of which is perfectly healthy, the other has a mild hamstring thing

It’s not crazy :smiley:

First this is a guy that drafted at the back of the first. I am pretty sure that his draft went something like this…

Leveon Bell
Julu Smith-Schuster
Amari Cooper
Devonta Freeman

Yours was at the front of the draft and probably went this way…

Alvin Kamara
Patrick Mahomes
Tyreek Hill
Kerryon Johnson
Chris Godwin

Being someone who has Amari Cooper and one who believes that draft capital and roster construction matters, I think that it would take a lot for me to trade a cornerstone of my team. Tyreek Hill and Micole Hardman might do it, but I would like to have a sweetener like RB McCoy to help with the deficiency at the RB position.

One more thing… the trade window for the bye window has closed. You cannot use that as leverage now since the game is tomorrow. As an aternative, I think that I would trade for Julu. I think that you could swing that deal for less since he has a pitiful season so far and if he pulls the trigger, hope for better production over the rest of the season with someone who is a legit #1 WR in the NFL.



Dude it’s been three weeks