Help me trade!

Some one has offered me DJ MOORE and COLE BEASLEY for MILES SANDERS and JUSTIN JACKSON… I’m leaning towards taking it. Suggestions??

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whats the rest of your RBs and WRs look like and is it a ppr league

WR would be set. I would have Michel, Conner, Coleman as my main. I would get the chance to add from the waiver wire. I would get rid of Jackson, who will be irrelevant soon.

Full PPR and 6 point td

So it’s basically DJ and Cole for Miles Sanders. Doesn’t sound horrible but I think you could package Sanders with a WR and get a better WR then DJ. A young QB with one good week doesn’t mean a lot.

In regards to DJ Moore and Allen at QB

Vali points. He is one of the only people willing to trade at the moment though. I was thinking of holding Sanders and offering Jackson for beasley. He needs a rb BAD

I mean Jackson’s going to be valueless next week so I’d try it

I sent it and he accepted haha

Nice trade Coles got way more value the rest of the year than Jackson

Agreed. I’m not quite ready to let Sanders go. I hope he turns it around soon though.

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