Help me understand the week 3 rankings

I need some help understanding these week 3 rankings.

  1. In listening to the 9/18 show, all 3 hosts say that Chris Godwin is a must-start, fantastic player, Fitzmagic, but he is ranked at 55 in the week 3 rankings. Kelvin Benjamin is ranked at 50 and Kelvin Benjamin is awful and droppable on a just terrible offense.

  2. How is Robby Anderson ranked 42 and Quincy Enunwa is ranked 49? Robby Anderson has been targetted like 3 times through 2 games. This ranking makes no sense to me.

I’m trying to make start sit decisions and these two rankings just confused the heck out of me. Help me!

Start Godwin and Enunwa. Not sure why the full ppr rankings are listed as such, as these respective players are definitely ranked higher than benjamin and robby in 0.5ppr and standard rankings - which especially doesn’t make sense for enunwa cause he is a ppr type player.

Regardless, don’t weigh your decisions heavily on the rankings. Use it to compare, but the guys themselves admit that your starts are team dependant and situational. I’m a little scared about my matchup this week, and I am 100% playing lockett over larry fitz in search of a riskier boom, despite of what the rankings say.