Help Me win a ship foot clan!

14 Team Standard 6 - 3
QB : Tyrod Taylor
RB: Lesean McCoy
RB: D. Murray
WR: Mike Evan
WR: Mike Thomas
TE: T. Kelce
Flex D. Baldwin
D: Ravens
K: Elliot
Bench : M. Gissele, Dion Lewis, C. Davis, M. Mariotta, G. Olsen, A. Rodgers .

My league plays till week 17 I know I know that why I stashing Rodgers, Any Roster criticism is welcome I wanna win so bad. I know I’m super weak at RB2 but not sure what to do about it any trade suggestions?

Not sure you need mariota unless there are no other qbs on waivers should tyrod get Injured. If trust tyrod more than mariota in every game ROS. Package mariota and a NE rb for am upgrade. Otherwise a very solid team.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you! Yeah Currently trying to package deal to get Mcaffrey, Martin, Ajayi, Or Mixon all those owners really need a qb

Maybe you have a team in your league who is a big titans fan. If you could snag Ajayi/Mcaffrey youd be solid!

Yeah I just need to secure an RB2 and my team should be championship worthy

I traded Dion Lewis and Marriotta for Martin. Think it was good or bad?