Help me win at 2-5

12 Team. Half pprI’ve made some moves already this season feel like it hasn’t amounted to much. Gave away Carson for Kerryon and gave Coleman and jones jr for Allen. Any trade suggestions to win now. Roster attached

yikes, this is tough week for you to have to pull out a W with allen and gordon on a bye with Kupp doubtfull.

All those guys healthy / not on a bye? you’d have a very solid lineup.

This just might not be your week, short of trading your studs for players playing this week

I’m with @jtess72 on this one I don’t see much you can do to better your chances this week outside of mortgaging your future. Only move I can see is find someone thin at TE and offer them Brate and Kirk or Watkins for a slight upgrade @ WR. Aside from that, kinda looks like you just gotta roll with what you have and hope you get lucky.

I’ve lost twice really close and last week Gordon and gronk tanked my team. I think my team isn’t half bad (that’s what everyone thinks) but I agree if I make it through this week I might make it.

I offered someone Kerryon for d Johnson.

drop foreman and henry and see what you can capitalize on on the waiver wire whether it be a WR that has the boom potential or a RB looking to step into a bigger role - Trenton Cannon, Barner, Ivory, etc You need something to really go for broke this week as you have gotta try and a get a win with the bye week killing you. Shit package Ben with collins or clement and anyone of your WRs (not Kupp or Allen) and see if you can get a something that can absolutley help you win this week - You’d really have to be on fire to make playoffs if you go 2-6 so time to let loose. BOL this week.

Who is the better add Kirk or Danny Amendola?

I was just offered Jeffrey and Lamar miller for Gordon

Do not even think about trading gordon for anything less than a real rb1 and wr1. That is NOT Alshon Jeffrey and Lamar miller for either.

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Your thoughts on Kirk vs fitz?