Help me with my Keeper decision!

For the upcoming year (I will have the 4th pick of the draft), I plan on keeping Alvin Kamara as my 11th round pick and Tom Brady as my 6th round pick. Would you do anything different? Is Tom Brady worth hanging on to in that backside 6th round pick this year?

See below for my picks from last year by rounds.


  1. Julio Jones
  2. Christian McCaffrey
  3. Leonard Fournette
  4. Golden Tate
  5. Emmanuel Sanders
  6. Brandon Marshall
  7. Tom Brady
  8. Duke Johnson
  9. Jonathan Stewart
  10. John Brown
  11. Kevin White
  12. Alvin Kamara
  13. Cole Beasley
  14. Charles Clay
  15. Kenny Golladay
  16. LA Rams D/ST
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I would not keep Brady in round 6, the value isn’t there. The chances that you can get a QB in the double digit rounds that could finish ahead of where Brady finishes in the upcoming season is high. I would keep Fournette in the 2nd assuming you cannot keep Julio. Kamara is obviously a stone cold lock.

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I agree with keeping Kamara and Fournette as well. Fournette is good value as a 3rd rounder considering he’s been going back of 1st in most redraft leagues.

Depending on who is kept, you could potentially still have a shot at Julio with your 1st round pick.

Disclaimer: Should have mentioned I traded Tate and Fournette for Bell last year, but it ended up working for me. So I can’t keep Fournette since I traded him away.

Disclaimer: Should have mentioned I traded Tate and Fournette for Bell last year, but it ended up working for me. So I can’t keep Fournette since I traded him away. We are also not allowed to keep our 1st rounders, so I would not be able to keep Julio.

I would take Golladay in the 14th, as a flyer assuming next season you would be able to keep him in the 13th next season if he breaks out. The upside long play could pan out for you. Brady has been great for a long time; however, even at the 6th round I would rather wait and get greater value later in your draft.

how many keepers can you have? im guessing 2 or 3.

either way, kamara is a lock. then… well no one else really is. fournette and tate being trade for bell made sure of that. and im guessing the round tag on bell is a 1st so you cant keep him either? also, do you have to keep more than 1?

Keeper limit is 2, and no, we do not have to keep anyone.

Of course, I will definitely keeping Alvin Kamara.

i think i just keep kamara then and no one else. there is no clear values here. so i think i go with that and draft like normal basically with the added bonus that i already have kamara for basically free.

Any reason to possibly keep Brady in the 6th and use him as leverage in a trade after the draft? This is the last year I would be able to keep him anyways.

yeah, but thats kind of iffy. with an RB or WR, you at least have positional scarcity to go with it to help push your trade. all brady would ever be is a bonus player in a trade to tip it for them to say yes to something. and a 6th round pick is too much to throw into the pot, when that 6th round pick could be someone you pick that starts in your lineup anyway.

Much more value that you can find elsewhere than taking Brady with the 6th. I personally would prefer to take Fournette in the 2nd round as he will likely be a first/second round pick. Depending on who you take in the first, you could be looking at Kamara, Fournette & a WR1 as your first 3 picks.

Definitely would not keep QBs.

Your pick is a bit too high to keep CMac at 1.04.

I would rather keep Kenny G here for a 15th rounder. He wouldn’t last that long in a regular draft and if he is the talent that everyone believes him to be, that allows you to keep him again next year for a pretty decent value.

Call me crazy, but I would keep the Rams D. Not much value anywhere else other than Kamara

Couldn’t fault this either. Depends on when the draft is though. If the draft is before the regular season, I’d much rather not draft DST and take fliers in case of injuries etc.

I think the Rams D in the 15th a pretty decent mood. Usually draft D and K in the last two rounds, doesn’t look like you draft kickers though. But being the second to last round, not a crazy reach or bad pick to lock up a top 5 and what could end up being the #1 D. Any WR you draft there is a lottery ticket anyway, and not a big difference between round 15 and 16 lottery tickets.

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I’d take Fournette in the 3rd over Brady in the 6th any day.

Does the move of Eric Decker help my case to keep Tom Brady in the back end of the 6th round? I think it really does especially for when Edelman comes back.

No. There is no case to be made for keeping a QB unless 2007 Randy Moss and Welker both come back in their prime.

Eric decker has zero impact on my decision to do anything related to fantasy football.

Good outside the box thinking there. This never even occurred to me as I was reading this but I like it alot