Help me with my lineup please

I’m in 5th place in a 10 team 1/2 PPR league. The records are such that a lot has to go in my favor, but I can still get a 1st round bye, but if a lot goes against me, I get knocked out of the playoffs.

QB - Goff
WR - Devon S. Scrumptious
WR - Kupp
RB - Ingram
RB - Lynch
TE - Gronk
Flex - Kareem Hunt
K - Lutz
DST - Chargers

Available bench players are Demarco Murray, Baltimore DST, and Sterling Shepard.

Would you guys start any of these guys over who I’ve got in my lineup now?

I have a lot of those same guys, and I’m playing it a lot like you have it set up now. I’d stick with that, and hope it goes well. It could get us both in the playoffs. Good luck!

Stay with what you’ve got.