HELP me with RB2 and FLEX please

Standard 12-team
I have to choose an RB2 and a Flex for this week.
My options are:
Jordan howard @ BUF
Lamar Miller @ DEN
Nick chubb vs KC
Emmanuel Sanders vs HOU
Courtland Sutton vs HOU
Dj Moore vs TB

Right now my line up is:
Qb: Newton
Rbs: Gordon, howard
Wrs: Thielen, julio
Flex: Lamar miller
Te: trey burton

I’d be tempted to play Chubb over maybe Howard. Isn’t KC giving up the most points vs RB? Howard isn’t thrilling me, but he’d still be a decent play.

Would you say miller is an auto start? Then id be choosing between howard, chubb or sanders

I believe chiefs are the 27th def against the run, denver is 29th, cleveland miami and arizona are 30 31 32

i would want to go chubb over howard, and benching sanders when he’s without DT sounds bad lol
But i’d start miller and chubb probably

Bump to see some more opinions

Right now i have lamar miller and chubb on the lineup
But sanders and howard also have good matchups