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Help me with this keeper decision!


So I am coming off my first footclan title. I am picking my 2 keepers for next year and I wanted to get the foot clans opinion. I draft 10/10. My keeper options are:

L.Bell in the 12th (no brainer)
Zeke in the 1st
OBJ in the 1st
Doug Baldwin in the 2nd
Allen Robinson in the 9th

I am leaning towards Zeke but I am unsure. Help!


Zeke. Hard to pass having Zeke and Bell…especially with Bells injury history…nice to still have bonafide number one back


its zeke bell easy. its impossible to find a better deal at RB than that. you can always find WRs that produce later. but RBs? thats a tough one for sure.


Im sensing a bit of brag here hahaha Obvious choice Zeke and Bell. Your team was freakin loaded last year


OBJ isn’t a bad option here. You have a solid RB already. Zeke lost a couple lineman in the offseason so the line won’t be quite as good anymore, though still well above average. I’d still take Zeke, but OBJ would be a solid pick as well.



You can pick up some more than decent WR in 2nd round onwards.


I would take zeeke … the other guys you never know what they are going to do


There are a lot of WRs with top 10 potential you can take in the 2nd. Having 2 out of the top 3 RBs this season is a HUUUUUGGGEEEE positional advantage.


Zeke is facing possible disciplinary action. Keep that in mind.


It will be 2 games max and McFadden is practically free in drafts.