Help Me! You're my only hope!

Thus is my 2nd year playing Fantasy football and I made it to the finals!!! I think I’m pretty much done for. I have Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette… Do you think he’ll be out this week? And which defense should I use Chargers or Chiefs. I need all the points I can get. Currently trying to pick up Martavis Bryant on waivers. Also need suggestions on who else I should possibly pick up. Please help!!

P. S. I play in a standard league

Here is my team.

Brown is out for sure. Getting Bryant is good.

Keep an eye on Fournette for this week. Hopefully he isn’t out again.

I would play KC over Chargers. Jets played the Saints very well last week and they are home this week.

I agree with everything Joey said except for the defense. I think the saints defense got over-rated (they’ve been mediocre at best the last 3 weeks). I also think Miami has the higher upside offensively vs the Jets.

Agree with @arshagarbon’s assessment of the D

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Could be the saints were over-hyped. I was surprised how tenacious the Jets played on Sunday.

Would you guys suggest picking up anyone else? Or leave my team as is? Last thing what about my Qb… Big Ben or Case?

I’d play Case if Rodgers plays since the game has shootout potential. If Rodgers sits though I could see it as a running game for MN. Rodgers playing is totally dependent on what might happen offensively with both teams.

Shootout or not Rodgers could possibly be limited in playtime since they won’t make playoffs. Fournette should be back, but you always have to keep an eye on his status.