Help mid level trade!

Someone just offered me LeSean McCoy for Marvin Jones full ppr. What you guys think?

On the surface, yes, I’d take it… have no idea how your league scores, what your roster looks like, etc and so forth… value is better with McCoy IMO… could legit end up as the lead RB on the best offense in the NFL for a WR3

Sorry my team has:

Keenan Allen, diggs, Marvin Jones as wrs

Gurley, bell, and Conner as rbs

I guess I don’t need another rb I may be just looking at it if McCoy has a few more good weeks I could really sell him high

you have 6 people on your roster? haha

take the trade… move Conner for a WR1

I would do it…Marvin jones isn’t necessarily going to get the 2nd most targets for the team, while shady will get the most or second most rushes for the team…

I got engram at tight end

Matt Ryan qb

Bench also has Malcolm brown, jaylen samuels, and dissley