Help! Mixon blues

To give a better perspective of my situation here is my starting lineup

Antonio Brown
K. Allen
D. Thomas

With this known I have Lynch and Kerryon Johnson on the bench along with 4 decent wideouts. Yes, I went WR heavy this year.
Our waiver wire is different than any other…Thursday 7pm to noon on Sunday players cannot be added. It starts at noon sunday afternoon. First come, first serve and we use the leagues website message board due to time stamps.

Ok, here is who is available on the free agent list: Marlon Mack, James White, Frank Gore, Buck Allen, Alfred Morris, Corey Clement and Geovanni Bernard.

I really need some advice as to handle this situation with Mixon. I did some research and players that have this surgery are usually out 1-2 months. Do I make a run for Bernard at noon on Sunday or is there something else you guys would do if in my situation. I listed my starting lineup just incase there was a trade option or something

James white and buck Allen would be my pick ups

try and pick up white, allen, then bernard or morris.

The best move is to make a trade for an RB tho.

I might throw Clement in there with Sproles possibly not playing

Well, Bernard is the only starting RB with most upside…even over Marlon Mack imo. I have a friend telling me to just chill out and concentrate on what I have (as in a full compliment of WRs) and don’t trade my soul for a starting RB. This is my problem but heck, I always have RB problems so I should just get used to this

I would go after Gio 1st. You’re already locked in with Mixon for this week and you’re looking for next week and beyond not just this Sunday I’m assuming. Gio has shown can can be an effective starter on a limited basis and at least you’d still have a starting RB until Mixon comes back. Reports were only 2wks but I’d assume a month.

I completely agree Nikk843! I have Keelan Cole to drop for Bernard on Sunday so that is probably my form of attack on this situation. Running Backs went heavy in my league, prob like most leagues and my owners are stacked with them so shouldnt have a problem picking up Gio. If I get skunked by not getting to him fast enough I still have two other viable options. Just tripping out from hearing the news on Mixon but thats just how the game is goes. Thanks for the advice from everybody! Really appreciate it