Help! Must Win - PPR Flex!

Not sure who to start at my flex, full PPR:

RB G. Bernard @ WSH
WR R. Woods @ TB
WR J. Reagor @ CLE

Leaning Gio at the moment based on guaranteed workload

Thank you so much in advance !!

I have similar sitation… I don’t have Reagor, but I do have Woods and Gio. I think Gio needs a TD to get numbers competetive with others. Woods is a total wild card. If he is the hot hand, no problem – could just as easily be Reynolds or Kupp. Its never all three at once. Reagor is a harder read for me. Woods may have more upside, and Gio may have safer floor, but really ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Exactly, I’m figuring Gio will have the guaranteed workload the others done officially have…but like you said Woods can EASILY go off, and every time I do bench him, he does exactly that.

I have Woods, Chark and DJ Moore. I usually sit one of three and THAT is who has an absolute boom week. So frustrating!

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