Help my playoff lineup please!

This is my team, Is it set correctly? Or who should I swap?? THANKS FOR THE HELP!

This is for the first playoff game I’m seed 6th FULL PPR

Also I’m dropping Lacrosse for Herndon or Uzomah whichever I get in waivers

Looks alright to me, we still have to wait for injury reports and weather forecasts too though. I wouldn’t bother with Uzomah, I played him this week and I was excited my opponent had him. He hasn’t done anything with all the opportunities he’s had. Lacosse didn’t do anything today, literally nothing, but DEN has shown that they can give their TE’s decent games. It could be worth the risk. Herndon had td’s 3 games in a row earlier on this season too, he should be a decent play especially if Darnold is back. TE’s are rough, but Uzomah would be my last pick of the three. Could be wrong, I’m just not a fan personally. Anyone else available? Good luck next week!


Not for TE, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel! And my opponent has KITTLE!

Bronco’s players are almost all worth having for playoffs. Look at their next 3 games.
Keenum seems to be rather inconsistent with who he targets week to week so it could be hard to have Lacosse.
I think you could get away with dropping davis for a back up TE. your set for RB. Herndon would be preferable to uzoma imo.

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I have Royce Freeman as my emergency back basically, lol, my 4th round pick. The schedule is great.

Is Jordan Thomas available in your league? TE from Houston, 4td’s his last 5 games, plays Indy at home next week. Touchdown or bust, but he’s shown he can score, on a good offense with a good matchup, and I guess Watson likes him.