Help need a w

I have:

Need to start 2 of them…

Parker is must this week vs the Jets and I’d say OBJ if he plays if not then Godwin.

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So it comes down to OBJ or Godwin bc OBJ is good to go? I have gurley at my flex… should
I switch him out for Godwin or OBJ? I like having a RB at my flex

Nah I would leave Gurley in and start Parker and OBJ at WR

OBJ isn’t in the conversation for me. Going against joe Haden and he’s sick and his QB, who hasn’t played well, is banged up.

I’m probably deciding Parker + godwin or fuller. I may go fuller cause I’m conservative in the sense that I like to wait to start when it’s a close call to return after injury.

Parker for sure. I’d also go Fuller for upside. Watson is looking better without O’Brien coaching. OBJ has had a cold or something and is inconsistent anyway. Godwin is just back from an injury. Moore isn’t even a consideration this week.

i’m probably going Parker and Fuller V this week.