Help! Need opinions on some trade ideas

What’s up everyone?!?!?!? I feel like I’ve made a mistake and don’t have enough WR strength in my 10-man PPR. It was an auction draft, still don’t have a K/DST, just going to wait until I have to pick one up before I make cuts. Team is as follows
QB Cam Newton
RB M Gordon
RB J Howard
WR Larry Fitz
WR A Cooper
WR J Crowder
TE R Burton
Flex M Lynch
Bench: Taywan Taylor, Njoku, Ajayi, Robby Anderson, Ingram, E Sanders, Garcon, Kerryon Johnson, Aaron Jones, Tarik Cohen.

My thought right now is to trade Larry and Ingram for Baldwin and Godwin/Doctson (whichever one he gives up)

dont like the trade…baldwin has a slight edge over fitz cause he is the only true weapon in sea. but especially in PPR fitz should be good this year.
if we are honest ingram is out till week7 (4weeks susp. and NO bye week in wk6) but has much more value from this point on than Chris godwin and josh doctson.
especially you already have the best WR in WAS…don’t think ist a good idea to pair doctson with crowder!

Honestly i don’t mind your team, sure you don’t have a apparent stud WR as off today but you have solid options there with massive upside. If Cooper takes off again and is the main guy in OAK he’ll be a WR1, Fitz will always keep the points ticking over for you in PPR formats and i think Crowder will be a solid value this year too.

Plenty of solid RBs and upside depth with Ingram for the second half of the year and Aaron Jones if he takes the biggest share of the role in GB plus Kerryon. Taylor, Burton, Anderson and Njoku all have good upside as well.

I really think i’d stick with your team as it is right now, if anything hold off trading until a few weeks into the season. There will be more injuries and busts/breakouts which will reset the value and perceived value to guys if you own the handcuff/backup etc for their starter they just lost for the year - you can get the kings ransom or just keep your new found starter for yourself, a much better position than trading on hype and potential right now. You have three or four potentially breakout guys on your bench as it is.

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My biggest problem will be finding two guys to cut to pick up a K/DST for week 1