HELP! Need some trade advice to help save my season

Need some help!! 10 Team Standard & was in 2nd place until this week. Hit byes & got smoked. Between losing Rodgers, Winston’s shoulder & D. Murray not doing a thing this year, I need to make a major change. This week’s loss is going to put me at 4th. Despite the trade, if anyone can offer any advice on what they’d do with my team to make some improvements, I’m all ears.

Give: Fournette & Gronk
Get: Carr, L. McCoy & Doyle

My current team:

QB: J. Winston & J. McCown
RB: Fournette, D. Murray, Abdullah, D. Henry
WR: K. Allen, Thielen, A. Cooper, Lockett
TE: Gronk & Brate
K: Gostkowski
Streaming D

I am in a similar situation! I also lost Watson and am in need of a QB. He is offering me Brees/Hunt/Engram for Fournette/Hopkins. In your trade, McCoy looks to improve in my opinion as I believe that RBs tend to improve with a strong foundation in WRs, which will soften up the secondary. Saying this, Carr & Doyle SHOULD be adequate replacements for Gronk since you also have Brate. You would be dropping Winston or McCown (Winston IMO). Starting lineup would be:

Carr or McCown

I don’t think I’d do that trade as fournette and mccoy are an even switch IMO or McCoy possibly a little more upside. Certainly not improving at TE spot as Gronk is one of Brady’s only consistent targets with everyone being banged up. I don’t think Carr is much better than McCown for now.

To the second trade (sosa) I would 100% do yours without a doubt. Hopkins has no QB at all and can only get worse.

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Agree on both points with torsten