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Help. Need to cut one Watkins or C. Davis


Got away without having to drop this week cuz of Ir but I’ll need to drop one by next week. I’m leaning Watkins since his only value came one 1 catch of 2 targets but I’m not sure since Davis didn’t do much either.


I dumped Watkins Three weeks ago and he’s been a landmine on somebody else’s team every week.


That’s what I’m leaning towards. He’s a good player but like 2 receptions is so debatable


Ha! I dumped Watkins 2.5 weeks ago, after having picked up Davis almost a week earlier. Absolutely no regrets.

Drop Watkins and never look back. Your life will improve immediately. You’ll regain some pep in your step, and even your meals will taste better.


Watkins. Davis at least gets some volume


thanks everyone.