Help needed - TNF has left me in a hole!

So adding to the mounting injuries I have, Keenan got hurt last night and laid a egg which has seen me swing from 20 point favourite to 10 point underdog…

Line ups are below, standard scoring and Justin Jackson kept me afloat. However with Allen goosing and OBJ possible out i have a need for MAX upside and need some advice.

1 - QB, do i trust Cam at home in what should be a higher scoring game? Even if he just dumps off to CMC and Moore, points are points right? Or do i swing for the fences and trust either Lamar or Allen over Cam?

2 - WR2, if OBJ is out again is it fine to just slot Moore in and hope for a TD and maybe 50-70 yards or is someone like Robby Anderson, DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick or Cobb better upside plays?

3 - DST, lastly as my opponent has the Bears who have a massive ceiling do i play the Broncos and hope for a big game from them or drop (I’ll hold Titans for week 16) and pick up Bills, Falcons as a dark horse?

Again looking for the upside at this point as i think i’m going to be in a hole for the whole matchup now and need a fantasy miracle to win! @MikeMeUpp keen for your take on these three areas if able!

I’m the left:

I’m kind of in the same boat

I’m on the left

I think chubb is going to have a good game.and it seems the browns are finding a rhythm I’d go for atl’s defense they have a big boom chance this week.

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Not sure about your QB Dell ema tho. The Panthers are going to have to throw the ball to keep up with the saints so opportunity is there. But this whole Allen rushing for +100 yards in the last three games is crazy! The up side is there for him his passing abilities are scary tho lol. I’m the gambling type so at this point I’d risk it with him.

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@WITHFEELINGS Thanks for the takes man, i agree and really think i will have to gamble with something somewhere either at DST or QB.

It’s so hard to bench Cam, he has one of the higher ceilings possible for a QB and should be good for around 250 passing and maybe 2 TDs, all it takes is a goaline fake to CMC and he walks it in and he’s a week winner. I know he’s not done it but the Saints simply don’t allow the run so i have a feeling he may do something on the ground with the season on the line.

DST though, Falcons is where i’d lean for boom it’s just the floor is negative points in our league. Might have to see what the deal is on OBJ and Cam in terms of Practice before the Saturday games and decide which way to go based on if they are in/out playing hurt etc

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Oh man, I’m in the keenan allen hole too with Damien Williams and his 27 points on my bench.

QB- Cam is gonna play and he’s gonna tough it out. I think he’ll be a fine play. Dump passes to CMC is really gonna help out.

WR2- I think Moore is also a fine play, I would just be worried about Cam’s shoulder and his ability to throw deep. He’s already not the most accurate passer and with a hurt shoulder could be disastrous. Any other week I’d be happy with the stack. I seriously think Robby Anderson and Desean Hamilton might be better plays. Anderson higher ceiling, Hamilton good base. What about David Moore? I’m sure he’s available. I know he goosed 2 weeks in a row but I have a good feeling about him this week.

DST- I also have Denver. You can’t deny them. Stick with them. They’ll get scored on but they’ll get theirs.
Atlanta is the total dark horse, I think with an even higher ceiling than Bills but what if this is a trap game? I mean any game can go that way but I would rather have the stability of at least 8 points with Denver than going with the other Ds.

Good luck man- I’ll send the good vibes your way and hopefully I’ll have enough leftover to get me a win too.

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Ya defence is tough to judge and there’s not that many points involved you know.

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@Marencophoto man i think a lot of people will have been burned by Allen going down last night, fantasy is a cruel mistress indeed this late in the season and during the game no less!

I very nearly grabbed Williams but went with Jackson in the end would have been a good help but at least JJ didn’t completely sink me. Really feel for you with him on the bench and Allen giving you the unlucky goose - hope you can pull out a win buddy.

Like i said above i think Cam and any swinging for the fences will have to be done once we have final practice reports on him and OBJ for the week to see what condition they’re in or if OBJ is out. WR wise David Moore sadly has been picked up so it’s just hit and hope guys really, but as Moore takes the shorter work i think he’s pretty stable floor wise just need him to find the endzone, Saints slot corner isn’t great so they could get some work done with him there.

DST, this is my concern. Atlanta are awful there and Cards are awful on offense it’s a case of which one will complete implode they could get you 20 points or -4 they’re tough to trust. Denver i’m thinking will give up 20-23 points to Baker, possibly get 2-3 sacks so i’m banking on a pick or a pick six which could happen but they are banged up at CB which worries me with the way Baker has been throwing and also he has nothing to lose… both could be traps!

f kenan allen man. if he got just 10 points i would be a huge favortive now him and my opp damien williams screwed me over

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Ok, QB I would ride with Lamar Jackson. He’s playing the Bucs and I think he gives you the most upside. Cam is regressing due to his shoulder and Josh Allen would be ok, but he can’t throw very well at this point.

I think I would go with Moore or Hamilton in this scenario. Moore has been getting an increasing amount of work and he adds the rushing ability as well.

Go with the Bears, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Broncos would be my second guess, but the Bears are playing a beat up Aaron Rogers/GB offense.

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Thanks man, good to get the views! I will wait as long as i can for reports on Cam before i decide for sure and i agree Moore is probably the safer guy and they do scheme him touches.

DST just to add opponent has the Bears, I’ve got the Broncos, Titans and the Bills/Falcons are the top waiver picks. Really don’t think i can trust the Falcons though so i guess between the first three for upside which i think is close and i’ll trust the better pass rush in Denver to get home more

Cam is going to play and they are going to throw the ball, just not very deep. The reason I say Lamar is I feel that he has a chance to go off this week, both passing and running.

Ohhhh sorry, I misread that. Definitely go with the Broncos then, they are going to get a good bit of sacks and force Baker to make some rookie mistakes. (I’m actually trying to decide between Den and LAR D/ST). I wouldn’t go with the Falcons. They are low boom high bust in my opinion. Bills wouldn’t be a bad play, especially with Isaiah Crowell out now. Still I’d go with the Broncos

Oof. Sleeper says Odell out.

Of course he is the football goods are clearly enraged… this is a bloody nightmare, the miracle win is on though gotta keep going for the bragging rights of pulling this off!

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You and me both.

…think I’m gonna hit the mall and make kids ask Santa for a win for me.


If you decide to roll with Cam, then stack him with Moore

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