Help! New to dynasty

12 team, PPR, TE premium, superflex.

We just had our startup draft a couple months ago and I don’t think I’ll have a big chance to compete this year. I just got an offer to trade away Davante Adams for a 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, and 2023 1st. Should I do it, or wait since the league just started? I’m new to dynasty so I don’t fully know yet how values are.

I could ask them for other players. They have Kelce and Waller, though I doubt they’d give them up. The only other player I’d want would be Herbert. If I could get Herbert with picks should I do it?

Thanks much!

I’m not experienced with TE Premium or superflex leagues, but if I’m thinking of trading away a player of Adams’ caliber, somebody has to pay up for him, especially with Rodgers slinging him balls this year. I’d probably counter with Waller and the two 1st rounders.

Another thing to consider is how strong his team looks this season. Not sure I would make the trade if he has strong playoff potential. Hope that helps…

Thanks! The other team definitely has some solid players, but I don’t think they are the best in the league right now. They have Rodgers so that’s probably why they want Adams. Would you say Waller in TE premium or Herbert in superflex would be better?

@stevengrim would it be “bad” in any way if I trade away my second round start-up pick in Adams before the first season of the dynasty league, even if I don’t think I’ll contend this year? I’m looking at the other teams in the league again and I highly doubt I’ll have a big chance to even make the playoffs, but is there any issue in any way if I do that? Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot of your roster? I’d be interested in seeing it.

I’ve never played in either one of those types of leagues so I hesitate to give any advice pertaining to those specifically.

However, what I will say, is for a player of Adams’ caliber, teams need to pay up for him. In the first year of my dynasty league I managed to trade Saquon for McCaffrey, 2 - 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick. A steal for me, but that was his guy and he paid up for him. I recommend against settling for a trade that isn’t a slam dunk for one of your studs.

Adams is still only 28 and should have 3 or more years of productivity for your team. Which means another three years of drafts which you can use to build your team.

Finally…I feel like I’m cheating on the footballers suggesting this, but FantasyPros has a great trade analyzer tool for dynasty league and a bunch of other cool stuff. They also have a league analyzer that will tell you how your team stacks up dynasty-wise to the other teams in your league.

Typically you can get a 6th month subscription for free if you sign up and deposit $10 in a site like Fanduel. I use them strictly as a supplement to the Footballers, but the ballers are my messiah.

Thanks! My roster is below; I also have some extra future 1sts and 2nds. But makes sense on making them pay up; I definitely won’t trade unless I feel fully confident in the capital I’m getting in return.

Do the slight question marks of Adams (and even Rodgers) future in Green Bay concern you?

I know that dynasty requires much more patience to be good than a re-draft league, but since I’m new to it, I’m not sure if I’m just being impatient, giddy for the upcoming season, or if trading Adams right now is actually a good idea.

Lawdy, if you have extra picks in the next few drafts that’s stellar. Your starters will contend this season imo, but the depth is where those extra picks will come in.

In regards to trading Davante, I’d actually recommend waiting to see how you stand after the first few games. If you’re not in contention at that point, selling him may be wise.

I don’t think the question mark of Adams and Rodgers will come into play during the season, especially when they’re dominating. If you decide to sell, you’ll still get plenty of value out of him, AND have him on your roster for most of the season.

Oh, and as a Green Bay fan, it DEFINITELY concerns me…this is the last hurrah for awhile, but it should be a good one!

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Makes sense. Might as well see what my team can do and if it doesn’t end up doing great, then I can just deal him mid-season, like at the trade deadline.

And with this probably being the last season of Rodgers and Adams both in GB, Rodgers will probably just be slinging it to Adams all year. Makes sense to hold onto him to be a part of that.

Thanks again for the help! I really appreciate it!