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Help! Nick Foles or Jimmy G?

2QB league … 6 PATD (no loss of points for interceptions). I already started Josh Allen. Do I start Nick Foles vs. Tampa Bay or Jimmy G @ Baltimore?

Must win matchup - any help greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: (also - I’m a Niners fan, so I am trying to check my bias) :slight_smile:

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My QB model has Foles projected to be the QB2 this week and Jimmy G. the QB30. Foles’ projection is based on a very small sample size of two full games, but even taking the possibility of significant variance into account, the difference is far too big due to the matchups to even consider playing Jimmy G. over Foles. My model uses 4 point TDs and -2 for Ints., but that also wouldn’t change the outcome much and I would play Foles. My QB model is below for reference.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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