Help! Not sure what to do

Sitting at 1-2 need advice. 10 man redraft .5 PPR super flex league with a 1.5 TE premium

QB: Brady, Jones, Dalton
RB: Bell, Conner, David Johnson, Singletary, Gordon
WR: Michael Thomas, Golladay, Marquise Brown, John Ross, Stefan Diggs, Deebo Samuel
TE: Engram, Graham
Change kicker and defenses depending on matchups
Thank you!

What is the question?

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What is the question?

What would you do in this position? Ride it out or look to trade ?

Only things I would suggest is trading a QB Brady will most likely hold for the year and you can always stream another one and your backfield is good possibly look to extend you WR depth a little more. Really if you’re doing good so far and nothing is looking bad I’d probably just hold out. If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

Always be on the lookout for trades. You never want to stop trying to improve your team. Just don’t outsmart yourself.