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HELP, offline email drafts need opinions


So i have a keeper league on ESPN but its with people all across the country. so what im thinking is doing an email offline draft where you have several hours to make a pick

Suggestions? all are welcome, thanks!


I don’t mind email drafts, as long as everyone is into it and checking the picks. The worst thing in the world is when someone makes a pick that’s already been taken, but leaves and doesn’t check their email.


Set up a “trial” league on myfantasyleague.com and run the slow draft through them. It will send email notifications when they are on the clock. If the owners set it up, it will even send text messages.
Setting up a league is free. And I think, you can even set it up to be a “best ball” system, so it could even add a little extra excitement to go back at the end of the season to see who had the best draft.


wow, mind blown haha what a great idea. thanks a ton im definitely going to use this idea


Myfantasyleague.com is a great site for hosting leagues, especially dynasty league. Unfortunately, their User Experience isn’t as nice as an espn or Yahoo.
If you need any assistance setting up the league, hit me on Twitter @mpw270 and I’ll help you out. I’ve been using MFL for 12+ years.


I also use myfantasyleague.com (MFL) for my slow auction league. MFL is a great site. If you have not utilized this site in the past, go for it. There is a fee to start up your own league. Our slow auction last for 8-10 days and users can enable email and/or text notifications about their picks. They can also use the mobile app.


There is a fee to use the service for the season, but the draft functionality is free, if you want to use the draft program and then import the league back to espn for inseason management


thanks for the input, im actually in the process of doing that!