Help on a trade!

I am looking at a trade that needs some assistance. Where I would acquire Alex Smith and trade away Gronk. I have Evan Engram to replace Gronk. And I’ve been riding Cam Newton rollercoaster. I’m number 2 in my league. And the number 1 in my league has Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. Do I trade for Alex Smith to handcuff the number 1 in the league? Or ride on with Gronk and Cam?!

I don’t think the number 1 in your league would want alex smith, hill, and hunt on the same team so i am not sure it is handcuffing. Gronk is the best tight end in football. Do not trade him for a middling qb1 please.

Gronk is worth Smith + someone if you really want Smith

Thanks for the help

I tried to use Engram as trade bait but he wouldn’t bite on it

Then do not make the trade. Dont force the #1 TE on a trade. They should be coming to you a healthy Gronk is hands down one of the most valuable players in Fantasy.